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Financial Planning & Reporting for Businesses

Financial Planning & Reporting for Businesses

This Financial Planning tool will allow businesses to plan for their year ahead.  It will include the projection of all 3 key financial statements:

- Income Statement 

- Balance Sheet

- Cash Flow


The inputs will include Revenue generated by various lines of products by price and units, the costs by categories (including variable and operating expenses). You will need to account for the predicted Capital expenditure (CAPEX) for depreciation calculations, your working capital and the financial obligations of the entity.


There will also be a Reporting section that with allow you to view your transactions and compare your performance against the targets that were set in the plan. There will be a YTD view but also a more detailed monthly report.


You will effortlessly get a set of financial reports connected  to one another seemlessly, allowing you to focus on what is important to drive the success of your business when planning for the year ahead.



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