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Stock Investments Tracker

Stock Investments Tracker

I am so happy and so proud to present you with this Investment Tracker.


After investing for a few years now across multiple brokerage accounts and across multiple stock exchanges (NASDAQ, FTSE), I knew it was time to create a portfolio tracker where I could see all my investments in one place. All you need is the Ticker symbol, number of shares bought and date of purchase the tracker will do everything else for you. The excel sheet is built on a google sheet which pulls data from various websites to give you the latest information in one place. Many hours have been spent reviewing other spreadsheets, youtube videos, brokerage accounts and personal experience and I can safely say this will give you what you need to truly understand the evolution of your investments in a deeper way.


This is a great next step to take once you have got your expenses under control and a budget set for the year. You could integrate this tracker as part of you monthly budget meeting or however frequently you´d like to do so. Track all your stock investments in one place and see which are the strong performers compared to the weaker ones helping you make decisions. 


Can't wait for you to get started, so exciting :) 


Please do share your feedback!!

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