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Hi, I'm Joy

Numbers have always been my thing, I find comfort in them. Growing up I lived in different countries, this meant different languages, different environments, different cultures. Numbers, however, always stayed the same.


I was drawn to Finance as it is numbers applied to the world around us. So I studied my degree, got a good job as a Finance Analyst and just worked and had fun...


Until one day I realised I'm helping companies plan and track how they spend their money, yet I’m not doing this for myself. Once I turned the focus on myself, I saw a dramatic improvement thanks to a few simple tweaks by managing my money and having a plan for it. I went from paycheck to paycheck to saving thousands in just one year, the rest was history.


I realised there must be many more people like me that I could help. I decided to put my skills together to help you create an action plan, and give you the tools you need to start feeling confident with your money and building wealth.

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Analysing your numbers should be the first step to improving your finances.

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Incase we've not met yet,

I'm a qualified Charted Management Accountant and I'm here to help you learn how to put systems in place to help you feel confident with your money and initiate your journey towards building wealth.

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How to start investing for beginners - Stock Market

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Take the Budgeting like a Pro course

Ready to take charge of your finances, get savvy and stop feeling overwhelmed?

Turn your financial goals into action plans as thoughts can only be made a reality by taking action

Have one dashboard to view your key financial plans and how you are tracking against them

Take the guess-work and time required to build the perfect spreadsheets out of the equation

Start tracking your Incomes streams, Expenses, profitability & key metrics all in one place

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